I have the coolest friends…

This was one of Al’s christmas gifts to me:

A fountain pen! Though he was also buying something… written letters, which he’s gotten, but hey, *I* have a fountain pen! And it’s not like a classic/antique one that I have to worry about breaking. I’ve dropped this thing a few times already and it hasn’t even spilled ink. There’s something terribly comforting about sitting down in front of the fireplace, getting a writing desk out and penning a nice hello to a friend. Forgetting all about e-mail for a while, not paying attention to the fact that your laptop is just a few feet away and the person’s currently online IM’ing you.
Very few people use e-mail to write letters anymore, it’s just quick notes back and forth, and just like a real message amongst spam, it’s nice to get a real letter in the post every now and again. So if I have your address, look out, you just might hear from me. No irradiation
of the envelope necessary.

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