Feels like self-inflated ego…

From “The Faux Life With Norah Jones

Jones didn’t have a high-concept video because watching Jones strut around on a strobe-lit set would have turned off her fans. But she did have a pair of low-concept videos, one of which featured Jones wandering barefoot on a beach, flip-flops in hand. Jones didn’t have a pop radio hit, but that was just because her fans don’t listen to pop radio—they read the New York Times, and they buy CDs instead of downloading songs off the Internet.

Oooooh, how bohemian are they? Sadly, I don’t read the NYT, though I feel sometimes that I should, but I *do* download songs off the internet when they’re offered (thanks Pepsi, $1 for a Pepsi, 1 in 3 chance of getting a free $0.99 song, you do the math). Maybe I should have a listening party sometime to learn about new music from friends.

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