D. M. V(ery fast).

My experience at the DC DMV today was radically different than my last time there. 4 years ago I was yelled at, treated rudely, told to come back with documentation that I already had with me and basically had a pretty nasty time. And I was only trying to get a DC non driver ID card!
They’ve clearly had some work done in the past few years. It took me more time on metro and foot getting to the building than it did to get my transaction processed. So I now officially have a DC driver’s license! It has my weight from my VA license on it though (15 lbs. lighter), so that means I have to hit the gym in case I get arrested. 😛
The upcoming weekend looks to be a lot of fun though, a wedding and visiting the new Smithsonian museum out near Dulles Airport. We got a good rental car rate and a great hotel room rate as well. It’ll be nice to relax, but once I’m back I really have to crack down on the packing.

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