Just that kinda day…

I’m starting to enjoy coffee as an aperitif or a digestive now. Sadly the amount of sugar and cream I enjoy probably makes it lose its professional coffee status, but it’s warm and that’s all that matters. Plus it’s decaf. *ducks*
I think I’m going to throw out some things tonight, my old window A/C unit and the television from my room. My roommate said he had people that wanted them, and then the subject was never brought up again, so that’s that. They’re out. I’ve detached myself from wanting to make any money off them as their value has been received many times over, so if some lucky soul finds them in the trash room and wants them, more power to ya.
It’d be so much easier if I lived in a house with a front facing the sidewalk. In this town, you leave something on the curb for more than a few minutes and someone will take it, lickety-split. Unfortunately with no car readily available, asking Rob & Peter for some front walk space this weekend isn’t exactly easy.

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