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At least last night’s trip to Borders wasn’t a waste, picked up The Authority: Earth Inferno and H-E-R-O: Powers and Abilities. HERO was a quick read, but enjoyable. I’ve always liked the HERO stories, for those of you that don’t know, these people find a device (usually called the HERO dial) and when they use the buttons to spell out (you guessed it) H-E-R-O, it transforms them into a superhero, but each time it’s a different hero, they have no idea what powers or abilities they will have. It made for some interesting stories. Plus, the Legion of Super Heroes, possibly my favorite book ever from DC, brought back the HERO dial and one of their heroes came from it, I’m not sure for how long since I stopped buying books.
I’m still working through The Authority, but it’s a team you have to love. turned me onto it and I’m forever grateful. It’s a team much like the team we used to roleplay online. Her
oes, deciding they know what’s best for the world and protecting it, no politics (much), no publicity-mongering (much). I often think that comic book worlds work so much better since the “normal” people realize, that there’s something out there above them, something they can strive to, but possibly never be (spider bites notwithstanding), so they tend to get over themselves a lot more quickly. I mean how could Bush be warmongering if a superpowered being just flew in, removed the weapons, removed those responsible and brought them to justice? *sigh*

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