Shades of Grey

Grey Tuesday.. if you haven’t heard about The Grey Album, take a look at the Grey Tuesday site and see if you can find a copy for a listen. The site has links to more news stories than I could find, and I got a copy of the album, it’s pretty cool.
*Now if he ever touches The Monkees’ music, he’s a dead man*
I woke up EXTREMELY exhausted this morning. Not only was my roommate just plain ol’ stupid last night, but Bush’s recent decision just plagues my mind. I grew up having to deal with a lot of intolerance and bigotry, “separate, but equal” .. all that. This is like the same old song all over again. “Oh we want you to be a part of the nation, happily working and contributing to the economy, paying your taxes and enjoying life, lib– um, nevermind that. Thankfully I am not old enough to have seen a “Whites Only” sign except on tv and in books. Then again this country is run by men, hence women were still the last to get the right to vote.
I told a friend yesterday that I doubted I’d ever see a fair version of National equality in my lifetime. If gay marriage passes, aside from the eventual shitstorm, there will be another minority rooted out for the power structure to step on… it’s how they REMIND themselves that they’re in power. I know homosexuality is a hard nut for some minds to crack due to ignorance, breeding, religious doctrine, what have you. And I guess we’ve been living in this sort of virtual equality for a while:
“We exist!” — “Do you?” — “Yeah, we were able to hide, but now we won’t! Though some of us still will” — “Oh, so you’ve been lying to us.” — “Well, not exactly, just not totally honest!” — “And you feel we should reward that?” — “Um, guess not. We’ll just go ‘live our lives’ now.” — “Yeah, why don’t you do that, just don’t expect too much from the rest of us, ok?”
People have said that the difference between say a normal person and a serial killer is a healthy/unhealthy fantasy life, recognizing that thoughts and actions shouldn’t always go hand in hand. Personally, I don’t care what people think of me, but it doesn’t give them the right to treat me in a manner any less deserving than they are. (Unless of course, they’re a clerk in a shop, some lines will never be broken)
In this country we used to use the law to remove discrimination… not enforce it. All I can think is, “Who’s next?”

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