Why didn’t anyone tell me?

I had no idea Mary Cheney was gay… (then again, I had no idea who she was until reading this article)
On the bright side, someone’s finally waking up:

[Executive Director of Log Cabin Republicans, Patrick] Guerriero agreed that the debate over a constitutional amendment is highly charged, both politically and emotionally. Log Cabin Republicans, which supported the Bush-Cheney ticket in 2000, has warned that it will break with the campaign if President Bush formally endorses the proposed amendment, as White House aides have said he intends to do.
“If the effort to write discrimination into the Constitution and use gay and lesbian Americans as a wedge issue becomes a centerpiece of the president’s reelection campaign, then it’s really the line in the sand for this organization,” Guerriero said. “We’ve been extremely loyal to this president and party through thick and thin . . . but we are forced by this particular moment in history not to sit silent in what has emerged as the c
ultural war that far right groups have been wanting for years.”

Wow, the LCR will break from the campaign. As Douglas Adams’ character ‘Deep Thought’ said when threatened with a Philosophers’ Strike: “Who will THAT inconveniece?”

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