another day…

I don’t want to go to work today
I’d rather stay home and play video games
I’d rather chill for real

Gotta Get Up (Another Day) – Jill Scott
That is SO how I feel right now. Though I think I’d rather be polishing my ball, then maybe a round of MTG:B before picking out what to wear for bowling. I wish I could get away with slightly tighter outfits, the more distracting, the better, but for now I think it’s just looking fat instead of cute. Thank god Matthew doesn’t think so.
I’m so looking forward to bowling tonight. Something about the energy expenditure, kinda clears the cobwebs for the week ahead. It’s a position round, so it’s important that we kick ass. We’re playing a fun team, and it’s all in good sportsmanship, but don’t mind my desire for, as Worf says, “Death to the Opposition!”
I wish it hadn’t turned so cold and I swear I saw some flakes in the air as I was walking to the metro for work this morning. We had a gorgeous weekend, plenty of sun and warmth and then back to “normal” for the prelude to Spring. But it can’t last long. Soon it will be time to buy new shorts, or just cut off the too-short jeans and turn them into shorts… (must practice with sewing machine)

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