i feel like taking all my clothes off…

Maybe it IS time to start doing nude Rites of Spring dances on my rooftop… I’m so OVER this rainy (and snowy) cold weather. Fuck the lion and the lamb, I want my SUNSHINE!
Last night was extremely productive, even if a friend called me borderline hyphenated, I got dinner done, cleaned up some trash, did laundry and ironing, caught a good ep of Law & Order.. I had no Netflix (a rarity) so I couldn’t put on BrianTV for the evening, I downloaded a game demo that sucked, and had some cocktails.
I got some work done for Gaylaxicon 2004, the updates are coming in fast and furious as the actual Con date approaches. I wish the web management wasn’t so screwed up with their site and domain, but I have no problem being an FTP gateway, I’m just not comfortable with sharing out the password to every person with a stake in the site. Still, it’s all volunteer and I can stop anytime I want to. But being a web diva is something I’m good at, so it’s no biggie. I just wish that there weren’t so much drama in the group.. AND that there weren’t people
that LOVED the drama so much.
I love my new speakers. They’ve already gotten some “Oh how cute!” from co-workers. (I said purchases are like babies) It would be better if I were in a closed office, but the next cube neighbor can’t hear them unless I really crank them, and where my cube is situated people walk past all the time talking very loudly, as if I’m invisible or something. (Hm, time to paint the cube bright pink!)

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