market etiquette

I wonder if the person who’s positioned themselves in front of a crate of apples at the farmer’s market so that no one else can get access to it, and then inspects every single apple in the crate, taking the good and leaving the bad or bruised (some people even drop the bruised ones, making it worse) for the next individual can reconcile that behavior with giving the person that they’ve completely shut out a rather big and wide polite smile as they finally move out of the way.
I thought I was gonna have to knock this old woman down. Then as she smiles ever so sweetly at me I say “Left me all the rotten ones, huh?” She looked at me as if I actually had knocked her down. The truth is so evil sometimes.
Thankfully there were some good ones in the crate after all, but I certainly don’t mind having 2 or 3 other hands in there with me when looking at produce.

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