days of yore

ah, the days before e-mail… How the HELL did I get along without e-mail? When something becomes part of one’s daily routine, especially the morning routine, it’s sorely missed when it’s gone, even temporarily. Whether it’s coffee, or hot water for the shower, or the right bagel.. or in my case, e-mail.
The weekend went fairly well, spent a lot of it, well most of it with Matthew and that was nice. Shopping at outlets, movies in, got to take advantage of the fleeting moments of great weather, but it was still a little crisp for me. Watched Gothika which I see was mostly panned by critics, but once again it’s a matter of seeing a movie for what it is. It was predictable at points, but that’s the basis of the horror genre (and porn, this movie wasn’t porn, but it’s a valid point), whatever formula works… KEEP IT.
I’m having lunch with a former co-worker today which should be interesting. He’s got a sweet deal now where he works 1 day in the office and 4 days at home every week, yet he complained about not getting enough human contact the last time there was a company event and I didn’t want to go. I would love just ONE day at home, hmph.
Bowling should be fun, I guess. I want to keep bowling, but I think I’m going to suggest a different team configuration for the next season/summer.

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