Elevator logic

If you get on at the 2nd floor, and push a much higher floor, how do you fail to notice that there are any other buttons pressed (I suppose you assume that everyone already in the elevator is going to the floor that somehow didn’t have its call button pressed until you pressed it), so that when you then get to the 3rd or any other floor between 2nd and your own, you just stand there, stock still even when someone behind you says, then yells “Excuse me.”
And how dare you act offended when the same person has to push by you rather forcefully to get off the elevator before the doors close.
You’re probably the same person that wonders why cars nearly clip you when you cross against the light. Or why everyone on the metro train gives you nasty looks when you wedge your briefcase and body into the door keeping everyone else waiting while the driver tries to get the doors closed.

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