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Dolly Parton’s theme park has asked a group to stop advertising a “Gay Day at Dollywood.” Last year, the event was attended by more than 1,000 gays and lesbians, but Parton’s reps says they routinely ask groups not to use the trademarked name. Nevertheless, the request has sparked outrage by people such as Michael Romanello, who asked The Tennessean: “What are we supposed to say? ‘I’m going to the theme park run by the woman with the big breasts?'”
Full story here. Google News search on the story here.
* I was more amused at this story before I started doing some research into Tennessee’s recent efforts to make their counties and pretty much the entire state an unwelcome place for gays. One county (Rhea) went as far as banning gays, making it legal to ar
rest the for “crimes against nature”.
Though they quickly backtracked (48 hours later) once the media got wind of it. To the point of some comissioners denying involvement.

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