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Work functions… I haven’t worked for many companies that throw a lot of parties, my last company pretended to be pinching every penny so didn’t “do” parties. The one before that would throw a big holiday shindig, but it felt so “couples oriented” plus was out of reach of anyone without a car. And then the banks in Delaware did similar parties but they were very formal.
So last night my contract had a party to celebrate our renewal. It was cute, they were trying for a “Survivor” theme though that didn’t really come through. There were free cocktail tickets though.. We started out with two, but by the end of the evening, managers and such were giving out more tickets, so I was well and soundly plastered by the time I left the place, but thankfully I only had to walk home from there.
Watched Friends last night.. not much to say about it really, I guess I’m glad it’s over. I just wish that WPP (white people w/problems) format didn’t work SO well as series, whether comedy or drama. Then again, if people would stop trying to base anything even remotely ethnic around a stand-up comedian, the show
s might be a little better off.
Ah… coffee.

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