the good with the bad

I’ve finally had one *good* customer service experience that I can let rise to the top of the other more recent poor ones..
I ordered Blazing Saddles 30th Ann. DVD from Amazon, using the free shipping, of course. And while it was attempting to ship, I moved, and an address change went in, so it got bounced around a bit, and for some reason got sent back to Amazon’s distribution center. They probably don’t forward media mail or the forwarding order doesn’t cover certain packages. Whatev..
So to Amazon, all undeliverable packages are automatically processed as returns.. and they don’t re-ship. Their solution was to refund my money and ask that I re-order it on the site. I sent a note not in anger, but to let them know that it would satisfy the customer and increase the likelihood of repeat business for Amazon if they would instead confirm the address upon an undeliverable order and then perhaps re-send it.
The e-mail admitted that in satisfying the customer, they’d failed and they gave me a $5 gift certificate towards my next order. So it’s all good. I re-ordered the dvd and some blank dv
d-r media to get started on the great VHS tape replacement project.
It’s just nice to see a company that realizes, “Hey, we make a LOT of money, an apology and a coupon to these inconvenienced customers won’t kill us.”

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