One promise I have to make to myself after I move is to get out and walk more. Even if it’s only to go up to visit or down to visit or to the metro to frequently visit
We went out for lunch today and our usual planned place had a huge line so we thought, why not go to the Folklife Festival and get something there?
This was a great idea, except that it’s hot and muggy and it was a bit of a walk, not huge, but definitely not when dressed for casual friday. However when we got back, I was sweaty and a little fragrant (*ew*) but I felt great. Generally when I’m walking or biking somewhere, I may complain.. A LOT, but it just means that I’m still having an ok time. It’s when I’m totally silent during some type of fitness venture that indicates I’m not having a good time.. or I’m about to pass out, one or the other.
and I were looking at aerial photos of our respective buildings and it was cool to see that they aren’t too terribly far from each other… I just won’t be walking from Columbia Heights down to Chinatown, methinks.
My personal challenge will be riding my bike uphill towards northwest without too much complaint. 🙂

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