Thank god for webcomics

I am having the start of an absolutely CRAPPY day so far today.. so I finally make it into work much later than usual and read my webcomics per my usual day-start-up, and 8-bit Theatre made it all worthwhile. Ignoring the 3rd and 4th panels which are related to continuity.. the end joke is just the perfect “Duh!”

Ah, and another toon from Full Frontal Nerdity that totally reflects one of my gaming pet peeves. If the GM is talking, don’t flip through a sourcebook, it’s rude and causes you to say things like “Wait a sec, say that again?” Admittedly, during combat I do flip through the book to see if my spell or ability is applicable, but usually that’s when he’s dealing with someone else’s turn.. and I can multitask. :>

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