wanna stay home and play video games…

I did NOT want to get up this morning. I wasn’t up late, I got good sleep, but I just got a good smack of the summertime blues, I guess. And I didn’t iron anything last night.. and when I looked at the weather for today, all it said was “Very Hot” – it should feel like 99 degrees when I head out for lunch today… nice.
Since I currently have no iPod, I brought “The Bad Beginning” with me. I strongly suspect Lemony Snicket will be *my* J.K. Rowling.
Also watched The Bourne Identity last night, borrowed the dvd from a co-worker. A nice movie, I did
rather like the aspect of being trained with all these skills, but not remembering it. Captions can’t normally help express emotion, but the well placed ellipses as he realized.. oh.. I can speak German, were nice. I had to run one or two of the action scenes back as the “quicktime” camera motion was a little confusing (clearly I need a better/bigger television). I enjoyed it and now I’m ready to see the sequel.

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