Confirmed.. it sucks.

The State of Sci-Fi on TV from MSNBC
The best part of this commentary is confirmation that my breakup with Star Trek Enterprise was a good thing – The next season could very well take the show in a completely new direction, especially considering that in the season-three cliffhanger, the Enterprise crew has apparently become trapped in an alternate-history timeline in which Nazis won World War II with help from aliens.
Nazis won WW2.. and aliens.  With the exception of Captain (too much balls for any woman) Janeway’s capping off of the Voyager series and almost any episode of Deep Space Nine… Star Trek should not muck about with time paradoxes, yet this entire series has been “ooooooh, we have to do this to stop that from ever happening and hope that we can change the present by undoing the past from our own future…”  *bah*

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