A spoonful of sugar…

Or in this case, a 1/4 cup of sugar, baking chocolate and milk makes a very nice hot chocolate when you haven’t any cocoa powder in the house. And I once again look like the perfect host.
The weekend’s been pretty ok. Friday evening was spent in, watching the tube with the roommate and martinis, then Saturday was bowling practice, a hearty lunch, then cartoons and a nap. Dinner with Michael, and hot chocolate on the patio by candlelight while we watched the world go by.
I have no plans yet for today, nothing is really appealing. I have the place to myself for a while, which is good, but I have to get something done, even if that’s just watching more DS9 episodes. I feel a little too tethered to the PC lately. I should watch DS9 on the PC and stay in my room and clean, that would probably be the most productive course of action. I do have a subwoofer in here, after all. 🙂

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