KK crap?

I had heard whisperings about how the new Krispy Kreme in Dupont Circle doesn’t make doughnuts there, doesn’t have room for doughnuts, the HOT NOW sign wasn’t working, but I dismissed them, as any true devotee or fan(atic) would. But in seeing a comment from an online chat with Post Columnist John Kelly, I’m really disappointed!

Washington, D.C.: As a lifelong Krispy Kreme fan and having grown up in Winston-Salem, I looked forward with the glee to a Krispy Kreme finally opening in Washington, D.C. I can only say that I am horribly disappointed by the doughnuts at the Dupont Circle location. The doughnuts are brought in cold and passed under a “re-glazer”. And to add insult to this injury, the Hot Doughnuts Now sign was turned on implying there were hot doughnuts available. Those are not hot doughnuts. They are simply cold doughnuts with warm sugar on top. Krispy Kreme should be ashamed of itself for false advertising and for passing off an inferior product as the real mccoy. I am sad to see Krispy Kreme put profit ahead of quality.

And I’m a little sad too.

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