War’s been declared…

…on my scale and my waistline. Every few days the numbers are getting lower, so that’s a good thing. I know I’m not getting the exercise that I should, though. Bowling is a nice weekly thing, but it’s hardly exercise. Unless I squeeze the life out of our opponents with my bare hands after every game. And we bowl with a lot of bears.. that’d be hard work!
I’ve been much better about eating, though last night I opened up Häagen-Dazs’ Dulche De Leche ice cream, and this flavor may be my downfall.. sweet lord! I do want to bake cookies for gaming on Saturday, but I have to do an ingredient check. Last thing I want to do is try to hit the store on a Friday evening. Cucumbers have been the thing lately. Though considering my love for pickles, this should come as no shock. The current snack so far, is cukes seeded and sliced, marinated in balsamic and olive oil with salt and pepper. I guess this is pseudo pickling.
Last night I watched Spriggan, trying to slowly increase my Anime quota… and it was good, but I have to admit it didn’t keep my full attention. And considering that I was unpacking and folding clothing, that doesn’t say too much about the film. Plus I was watching it with the captions on, and with the English language track. Which is kinda cool because the brain was having to watch two movies. The English script, and the Japanese translated to English subtitles, there were more than a few not-so-subtle differences. But still, it passed the time. I still have to watch Zoolander, Calendar Girls, The Dreamers, and Warlock and the first sequel (I was in the mood for something really bad! – I just noticed a second sequel too.. I’m not that hard up)
I’m way behind on movie watching!

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