the chemistry of cheesecake

A “pure” recipe of just cream cheese, sugar and eggs… *not good* – at least not the way it turned out. Very creamy, not “thick” in any way and at room temperature it quickly begins to get soft. Normally my recipe involves sour cream and flour in addition to the other stuff, and I guess the composition can make *all* the difference. It’s still a very good cheesecake, but definitely not the best to ever grace my kitchen. The gingersnap crust is a winner though.

Making that was about the only interesting thing I did this weekend. Got some cleaning done, more boxes broken down, ran some errands and watched Netflix movies. Finally saw The Talented Mr. Ripley. A very good film, a bit long in parts and I wasn’t expecting the dashes of homosexuality (as the trailers ALL downplayed that, of course), but a fun film.

side note: while I applaud the cafeteria downstairs for being staffed by nearly all employees with physical or developmental disabilities (insert your own PC word there), I do wish they’d label their doughnuts so I don’t get a chocolate glazed cake style one instead of a chocolate glazed… doughnutty one.

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