It’s health food. MENTAL health food.

Mental Health Food

What does one do when they’re feeling moody about an impending birthday? Make brownies, of course! This was really more the result of a kitchen cleanup, I found one packet of brownie mix left, a bag of toffee chips and a ½ bag of chocolate chips. My only option was clear.

The weird thing is I only feel old some of the time, but when those times hit–it ain’t pretty. There was some gorgeous post-storm weather on Saturday night, but I’d been home-bound for so long that day, that I just didn’t feel like heading out at all. I had food, tv and Netflix discs, so why bother heading out? Not that I mind being a homebody on the weekend evenings, but the way it looked outside was coming very close to overcoming my lack of desire to go out alone. But beyond that it was a good weekend.

I got through a little bit of Netflix guilt, watching and returning ‘Mommie Dearest’ & ‘Thundercats’ of all things. Also watched some more episodes of ‘Corner Gas’ (including the one that introduced the concept of a stay-cation) and the entire series of ‘The Life and Loves of a She-Devil’ the BBC mini series from the 80s that was based off of the same book as Roseanne’s film ‘She-Devil’. It’s clear the film took direct inspiration from the mini-series, except that the televised series was much deeper and not all that much of a comedy. I also subjected myself to a wee bit of torture by reading Marvel Apes #1, but I was able to step back from the abyss by also getting through the collected stories in Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes. I have a hard time keeping up with comics as much these days, but that Superman/LSH story was brilliant, touching on very old-school themes with a modern day twist and a very common sci-fi “Earth for Humans” theme.

Time to arm myself with a latte and a croissant and face the Monday! 🙄

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2 Responses

  1. Gilahi says:

    I’m trying to remember the exact point in my life when birthdays stopped being “anticipated” and became “impending”. 🙄

  2. I didn’t face Monday. It’s more like… Monday hit me in the face.

    I’m going to hide in my cube with my Diet Coke.

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