what’s the deal…

Why do people persist in hearing a hiccup and associating it with drinking? Worse yet, why do they feel that hearing one from a total stranger lets them make an alcoholic joke?
The next time I’m on an elevator and hiccup and someone says “Isn’t it a little early to be starting?” Can I just smack them? Or tell them very sincerely that I’m an alcoholic, but I’m getting help.
My manager and I just went for lunch and I hiccuped on the elevator and neither he or I made a joke, but the two complete strangers with us did.. and kept dragging it out all the way to the lobby, one saying “well it’s the afternoon” and the other looking at her watch and saying “hm, it is after 5 someplace in the world…” – maybe its like the ex-roomie, making fun of others’ (assumed) drinking makes them feel better about the 6-pack a night habit they have. 😛

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