city tolerance

Just went to grab a salad for lunch with my manager. The place we go is a Yogurt & Everything, so they sell smoothies as well as salads and wraps. And sometimes there’s a smoothie line and a salads line, but today the line was long and we didn’t ask anyone in line if there was a split.
Two women new to the line did come, and ask about it and they got in the salads line (where we wanted to be). So we then moved up behind them (I figured, they asked, we didn’t, so they should go ahead of us). The woman in line behind me and my manager says to them, “Um, I’m sorry but we were already in line for salads.” to which they responded “That’s why we asked this woman (indicating the one that was in front of us). But you can go ahead, it’s no big deal to us.”
Now they didn’t move out of the way to let us pass, and the woman behind us pipes up, “I’m sorry but that’s just fundamentally rude.” She didn’t say it in a way to speak TO the women in front of us, but more to say it to us, hoping for a little mob sympathy. My manager kinda nodded and I just stayed quiet as I think my city-living tolerance needs a whole lot more than that to consider something “rude”. Especially since in the long run, it hardly slowed us down in getting our food.
Part of me hoped she’d say something more, since she was a squeaky voiced blonde white woman and the women in front of us were two definitely city-dwelling black women. And I could have used the entertainment.

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