I think my heyday of gaming is truly over… I enjoyed the White Wolf universe both in its tabletop and LARP forms. I just made my way to the white wolf site after following a link through ‘s journal and I felt like a 60 year old guy slipping into his polyester leisure suit and heading down to the local “discotheque” to “bust a move”. Gone are my familiar vampire clans and such, replaced by new things and new rules and what not. I guess I’m glad I’m able to keep up with the d20 group (I’m crappy on rules, but good on roleplay).
Last night was an ok bowling night, we couldn’t win but one game, but it was against the first place team, which usually means either very GOOD bowlers, or very poor bowlers with high handicaps that improve over the season, guaranteeing they’ll stay high in the rankings. It was the latter and in the first game they all bowled 23 pins over average. (all 233 handicap games, it was impressive) I may win a grocery store gift card for my second game, I scored a 199 – damn that 5-pin – so that might put me at the top of my little grouping. Not that I live near a store I where can use it, but I can always rent a zipcar.
My mum’s birthday’s in 2 days.. and I haven’t figured out what I’m doing for Thanksgiving yet, which I probably should figure out or I’ll be gouged on airfare. I’m not really *into* Thanksgiving, since I don’t see it as a real holiday, but hey, we get off work, so it must be one. I guess I give thanks for things on a regular basis, so only giving it the one day a year seems kinda stingy.

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