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I think they need to use a title for some “official” soundtracks and alter “music inspired by the movie ****” (like Madonna’s Breathless) to “music you barely heard in the movie ****”
I’m listening to the Blade: Trinity soundtrack and I remember… maybe 1 or two of these songs from the film. Now if they labeled the tracks “scene where *** kicks ***’s butt” or “scene where *** runs from ***” – it might ring more of a bell. But all this is just kinda barely danceable/raveable techno reinforced by Wu Tang Clan rappers… not very interesting. I give it another week before I stop listening, if that.
They do try.. some tracks begin with a snippet of dialogue from the film… if only the snippet were somewhere *near* the scene the music was used in, instead of just using dialogue that sounds really badass.
See, being sick makes me fussy.

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