Uncharted territory

Since a lot of my friends were doing it, I thought I’d try hosting my journal back on my own site, also makes it a lot easier to maintain control over my files and such. But I think I have the LJ sync working so that my posts can (not always will) go to both spots. 🙂

Been a helluva morning already though, woke up and smacked the snooze multiple times, one time I didn’t even bother hitting snooze ‘cos I was enjoying the story on NPR and eventually dragged myself out of bed. Ye gods, I need to find a dry cleaner tho, ironing a shirt every morning is definitely getting on my nerves, especially with shaving and other morning stuff. And I’d KILL for a casual environment again, I am still so bitter over losing casual days at the office, especially when a lot of the women here still wear jeans or cords.. but not me, I like playing by the rules (stupid, stupid Brian).

There’s a happy hour happening after work at ESPNZone, but I don’t know if I want to go at all, let along stay very long. It’ll depend on who from the office is going. But for now, a hot cup of chai and bowl of oatmeal are very comforting.

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