Meditation at the bus stop…

What a lovely morning, actually waking up fully fine and dandy from a serious and possibly deadly amount of drinking the previous evening, where I got absolutely rolled in poker, went home with nothing, nada, zilch, $0.00… I’m headed out of the building this morning and slip on the front steps, laptop bag goes flying (it must know that I’m replacing it) but is otherwise unscathed. My jeans have a lovely 80’s rip right across the knee and I’m left with a spectacular limp. All this effort to catch a bus that was late, so I’m sitting at the bus stop, in pain, eyes closed and meditating – which helped a bit and I made it to gaming on time after all, so its no big deal but wow it hurts. 🙁

Last night was not my night at poker though, I wasn’t feeling lucky and the cards weren’t kind to me, I went all in twice, one time it paid off, another it didn’t and we ended up around midnight or so.

Got home and hopped online to level up my heroine and ended up getting into a group fight for a little while, so I’m 25% towards level 43 now, it’s all good baby. I did warn the group that I was totally bombed on gin and vodka cocktails, but they didn’t seem to mind. Apparently I can still cast force fields when I’m drunk. (If only that worked in real life)

unless sex is imminent, one should not receive guests in one’s bathrobe

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  1. Jenifer says:

    Here’s to hoping you feel better soon, or that you can milk the limp for something good.

  1. March 7, 2005

    […] ometimes making enough noise to be heard in the living room, possibly disturbing him. The bathrobe comment came from the fact that nearly everytime we have a morning/early afternoon gaming […]

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