video: my saddle’s waiting!

Sometimes, there’s stuff I have to share, but don’t really have much comment to add. Not quite “presented without comment” but some things speak for themselves.

Last night while catching the tail end of local Fox news before The Simpsons came on, I saw a brief glimpse of a website devoted to capturing YouTube videos of people dancing alone to the song “Pony” by Ginuwine. A tumblr site, it is appropriately named Dancing Alone to Pony. I believe many of the videos were made by men and women making a “sexy video” for a significant other, possibly long distance or in the military. There’s even one video that’s an unfortunate lesson in checking that distribution list carefully before hitting send.

I hit a few of the play buttons and both chuckled & marveled at the hilarity and talent of some of the soloists until I came across the following video made by Mark Maccora. 2 thoughts: I think I’m in lust love,* and that kitchen is gonna need quite the scrub down…

You’re welcome.

Since I haven’t heard from anyone** to do anything even remotely Pride-related, the above video will probably be the gayest thing on my blog this weekend… aside from me, that is.

TGIF everyone and have a great Pride weekend! :mrgreen:

* No… just lust.

** Seriously, no one?! Though I have noticed a radical change in hearing from friends since I mostly 1: moved and to a lesser extent 2: got “sick”. It is annoying that people I used to hang out with on a regular basis have dropped off the face of the earth, but that’s the way of things. Especially in DC and especially when one moves.

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6 Responses

  1. Esprix says:

    We’re not coming up for Pride this weekend, but I’ll be in DC next weekend for a slash con. (Yeah, yeah, I know.) I really haven’t seen you in ages, you know…

  2. Alejandra says:

    O…M…G. Thanks for this. It makes my Friday *that* much better.

  3. Wilmaryad says:

    Dish-washer-humping white boy got no rhythm but sure possesses an agile pair of meaty hips. Makes you wanna read that Story. 😉

  4. Fredo says:

    RE Pride: My excuse is my own lack of foresight to ask for at least one day of this weekend off. That, and I have a mandatory meeting on Sunday.

  5. Christopher says:

    Oh. Oh my.

    That actually made me blush. Although the fact that I’d never heard of this song may have contributed to my embarrassment. I know it know though!

  6. CocteauBoy says:

    Well, I don’t do Pride very often. It just makes me hate my wonderful fellow brethren gays, so I prefer to keep the illusion that I actually fit in to the larger concept of the gay community, lol.

    As for number 2, the same thing happened to me when I was diagnosed. But I kind of have to take responsibility for that. I passively closed off most communication with others because A) I didn’t want to talk only about my illness; B) my illness was pretty much the only thing to talk about; C) I did not want to feel pity or feel I was a burden. Once I started actively reaching out again, everyone was still there, and some even explained that they really just didn’t know what to do for me, and had hoped I would tell them. I found that ironic, since I could have used others actively asking me what I might need or want, but it made some sense. The whole event is overwhelming for everyone involved, and different people handle these things differently.

    But, no matter what it looks like: there are always people/friends here. Reach out.

    This boy is hot. Yum.

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