Damn you Ontario!

Boblbee "Back Screen"
UPS is holding my new laptop bag hostage, in Ontario, CA. Well, not really, but that’s the last time they updated the shipment details, from the 5th! It’s supposed to arrive on the 11th. Boblbee "Back Screen"How can I obsessively track the frigging thing if they don’t tell me where it is at all times?!

In other news, Mike (deejayqueue) is visiting this weekend, so I might get to hang out and par-tay with them. Boblbee "Back Screen"They had plans to maybe do a little dance, etc, but plans are ever shifting, so they may be here, but not paint the town vermillion and such, which is cool. I could probably do with a low-key weekend, I dunno. My place is still a mess (have I been saying that all year, or what?), and needs more cleaning, tidying, emotional detachment from stuff.

Thank goodness for getting paid this week, but it wouldn’t help to have a weekend that runs me into bankruptcy, as my friend Sean reminds me, since that’s not going to be a pretty situation soon. I’m wondering when they’ll just send around the secret service to hold us up by the feet and collect what falls out of the pockets.

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