livin’ my life like its golden

But on the bright side of things, Michael and I are going to see Jill Scott tonight at DAR Constitution Hall with dinner beforehand at Old Ebbit Grill. It’s been a while since I’ve been to a concert, but I’m looking forward to it. I might try to sneak in my camera, I dunno. I never use the flash anymore, just opting for my fastest film speed. But it’s such a crock, because I like to play by the rules and if they say no cameras, I don’t bring them.. yet the moment the performance starts, I see flashbulbs ALL over the place. See, bein’ nice gets ya nothing!

Dinner tonight will also tip the scales and get me an actual OpenTable dining certificate. I need to try eating at more participating restaurants to build up the points to use at some really nice places. Who wants to go to dinner?

I hit another level last night in City of Heroes, now 44 – 6 scant levels away from 50 and unlocking additional game content, I’m such a non-gamer gamer… There were people on last night talking like, yeah I got to level 50 within the first few months of the game… – well yay for you 😐

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