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Lays Dill Pickle potato chipsDamn them and their tasty treats. These Dill Pickle chips are freakin’ fantastic. And I was having such a good day, too. I’d finally broken the 180 mark on my scale this morning (by .2 pounds, but its still progress), and I was doing very well for lunch, tuna salad over lettuce with cucumbers (as usual, I’m in such a rut) – I go to the 2nd floor mini store for my sparkling water fix and there they are… I’ve never had them, but as a child used to eat pickles and ice cream so much, my entire family joked that I must be pregnant.

These chips are no joke, however. They are delicious. They are worthy of sharing the throne with Lays regular flavor chips, which no other flavor’s been able to unseat. I still have my normal willpower, but if I see these on sale, all bets are off.

Additionally, a few questions for people, what non-LJ blogs/journals/etc do you read? I’m looking to add more to my daily thinks. And I’m looking for a good tuna salad recipe, preferably one that’s mostly tuna and veggies (and salad cream, mayo, etc), no eggs. I keep spending about $2.50 or less on lunch each day which isn’t bad, but I’m fairly sure that I can do the same myself at home for cheaper and just bring it in. Also suggestions for marinated cucumbers are welcome too, I’ve done them a few ways, usually overnight in balsamic with garlic and in the morning they’re yummy. Frankly any recipe you want to send me will always have a home here.. but I won’t give out the chocolate chip cookie recipe… that’s part of my dowry. (yeah right, even my husband ain’t getting that one)

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  1. Fredo says:

    RE: Non-LJ Blogs/Journals I Read

    A few favorites of mine:
    – Leather Egg:
    – Toweleroad:
    – DCist:
    – Gothamist:
    – a small victory:

    For more, see the random blogs I read section in the sidebar. 🙂

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