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Compared to recent years, this Christmas actually turned out better than most. No arguments, no fights, no family meetings or drama. Though besides that it didn’t really go any different than previous years. Lots of chatting with my mother, very little actual time spent with my father and brother. I probably played more games on the laptop this year than normal, but Civ IV is hard to ignore. The addition of wifi to the house made it easier to keep up with some people, too.

I ended up getting The Incredibles dvd from Mom, Dad gave me some old school jazz cds (Monk, Miles, Parker and Coltrane) and a very nice coat (that I told him I wanted from Bachrach and it was on serious sale) that I actually took with me and left my old one to be shipped with the gifts from my brother. He got me (counting off) 4 pairs of dress socks, 1 pair of very nice dress shoes, 4 shirts, one french cuff, so 1 pair of cufflinks, and 2 suits. I think I kinda hit the jackpot this year. However I did get people things they wanted or the means to get things they wanted, so I don’t feel so bad. I did put forth the “let’s not really do gifts next year” to both parents and they might be on board with it.

I ate too much, and after dinner was grazing all night long, but I managed not to get any dessert and I escaped my mother trying to send food home with me (“There’s no room in my suitcase!”) though I’m sure I’ll be missing that turkey and ham when I get home, but I’ll manage.

Well another 30 mins or so ’til my flight. Gods bless GSP airport for free wireless internet and the Ministry of Sound for fan-freakin-tastic dance/house mixes to pass the time. And those of you in the DC area that are in the know – be on the lookout for a happy hour announcement this week. 😉

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