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Washington Monument seen from the World War II MemorialI want my hour back. *yawn* The weekend was good, Saturday very busy, Sunday very bummy.

Mike was in town to see his hubby, here for work all week, so we met up in Dupont at Starbucks and began a whirlwind tour of DC, went to the Phillips Collection, the National Gallery, the World War II Memorial.. even saw some filming for the new Geena Davis tv series Commander in Chief. We probably walked off anything we might have eaten that day… or the previous 3 days, and I took lots of photos (as usual). Ended up at Pentagon City eating dinner (with the worst service I’ve had in a while) with Chris, his hubby, and then wandering around the mall a bit. I haven’t been browsing in a while, so it was fun. They kindly drove me home and I promptly went inside.. cleaned up the kitchen and got online to play City of Heroes…

I joined a Task Force. I was up until 4 am. I don’t want to talk about it.

Sunday was considerably easier, though I found out my friend is in the hospital, so I spoke to him for a while and he seems ok, just tired and bored. I need to call him today to see how he’s doing. I also popped down to Dupont and sold the Sedaris tickets to someone who will certainly enjoy them. The back and forth with this person seemed so lengthy just to meet up, but once we connected over the phone, things were fine. I had to brave freakin’ gale force winds to go meet her, but *eh*. Then I had a brief panic attack on the bus ride home when I thought my ex was seated a few rows forward, I realized it wasn’t him after assessing a few details, but still… freaky.

Everyone in the office seems cranky and extra chatty today… joy.

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