Oh great…

I don’t usually get up in the morning and wish that I belonged to a gym, but this morning when I turned the faucet in the shower… no water, the sink… no water, and so on. Normally I call out from work when I can’t, y’know, bathe. But I’m trying to not use vacation to save up for a beach trip later this summer.

I’ll have to wait it out… or simply make do (ew!) without.

*update – I came back from the kitchen, Brita pitcher in hand ready to at the least wash my face and as much as possible from the sink, when the shower faucet started the barest notion of a dribble and became enough to get cleaned up. Then the next part of fate’s cruel joke, no cold water. Nothing like being all soaped up and scalding oneself to get rinsed off. Woo!

So I’m at work, and I’m clean… I shoulda taken the day off.

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