Wow, just… wow

Times like this I’m not sorry that I switched the local gay and lebsian sci fi group’s listserv to daily digest, and that I don’t really go to many of the events anymore. It’s sometimes hard to deal with people that don’t realize that world does not revolve around them, and that really… it shouldn’t. Not that I think all the people involved are this way, just some of them were probably never really socialized well, and this breaks into a rant that I’ve been mulling over about the need for uniqueness, especially when surrounded by people just like you. But that’s for another day, methinks.

Wil Wheaton takes on the Star Wars Nerds. It’s a very interesting tale regarding the people lining up at the wrong theater, Grauman’s, initially due to past movies showing there even though they said they weren’t. But this year the movie isn’t showing there, it’s going to be a few blocks away, and the nerds aren’t moving out of protest

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