mmm, suckers…

I’ve been going a little old-school with the gaming recently, playing Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines again. I love this game, it’s got all the darkness, dialogue choices actually affecting gameplay, feels more like an RPG when you don’t play games back to back.

Otherwise having myself a lovely relaxing Saturday, about to go out for bbq with some friends and then maybe have a stroll around DC — ok maybe not a stroll as it just started raining. But alas, dinner will be yummy, Red Hot and Blue.

Maybe I’ll spend the evening cleaning, unless a random call comes from a man to go out and do something fun and crazy… so like I said, cleaning.

My mini should arrive by the 27th, but the status shows it just arrived in Dulles, so who knows? I hate “estimates” – as my manager probably won’t have a problem with me taking a 1/2 day to be at home for the delivery, but it would be nice to know WHICH day to stay home. :p

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