attune, attune… chanting

Well, FedEx decided to totally blow their “estimate” out of the water and deliver the Mac mini 2 days early. Which is great except that I’m here at work and there’s no one to get it at home. I won’t go into a FedEx rant, as I’ve gone over that many times in the past. Either the lovely woman on the 3rd floor in my building will sign for it and it will be there today, or I will figure something else out. I won’t be held hostage just because I live in the city, don’t have a front desk staff or a wife/spouse sitting around the house barefoot waiting to sign for packages all day and don’t have a car to get out to their locations, most of which aren’t in Washington DC.

Over the weekend I changed the look of my site, I really liked this design when I first saw it, but was too lazy to customize the little things like the webcam and my calendar, and now it’s won a WordPress template design contest. But still, I liked it before it was cool.

Speaking of the webcam, the following picture was captured over the weekend:

odd expression on the cam

I don’t recall exactly what I was doing at the time, either playing games or watching tv/Tivo, but I invite captions, thought bubbles, snarkity-snark, what have ya. 🙂

Dinner at Red Hot & Blue was ok, but not as good as I remember it being on previous visits. I need to try pulling away from “chain restaurants” not fast food places but the actual restaurants that project the illusion of a nice seated eating experience. Except for Outback Steakhouse, The Olive Garden, and IHOP. I can never give those up.

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