retail therapy…

And I also got a rather nice pair of shoes, eBay item 5383627272 – Reaction by Kenneth Cole sz 12 black. I used an auction “sniper” service to put my bid in for me since I was busy catching up on recorded tv episodes. The site gave 3 free snipes, and seems pretty cheap for future auctions. The secret is still to make sure your max bid is higher than everyone else’s otherwise you still get proxy outbid.

Mmmm, shopping.

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  1. Jason says:

    Those KC’s are awesome!! I had no clue they made shoes like that. I’m use to seeing the dress shoes. Of course, at the cost of KC’s, I really don’t shop that much for them. I also never knew Ebay had good deals on shoes. Of course, if someone would try and sell the state of West Virginia for cheap, I guess they would have good deals on anything under the sun on their web site.

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