mystery box…

About the time of Earth Day, a box appeared in our office, near the printer. Visible through the slot of the box were a bunch of sheets of paper, so we assumed, “Hey! Finally a recycling bin!” – something I’ve been wondering about since I started here, since generally BGA buildings are supposed to have some sort of program in place just for PR’s sake at least.

But no, we’ve been informed that it’s actually a box for items to be shredded. Now admittedly, no one told us what the box was for and we didn’t ask anyone, but the natural question is, “Why not label the box?” – Oh it’s for security reasons, since advertising the box as shreddables would be advertising sensitive documents, and advertising the box as non-recycling would just look bad, so instead they have someone go desk to desk to tell us, “That box isn’t for recycling.” and explain the reasons why they can’t label it.

When you enter our office, the first thing you see is the printer, then after that this box with a big slot in it. I guess they’ll be sending that poor guy around to our desks a lot to remind us.

I do so love bureaucracy in action.

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