not a remake! *phew*

I just watched the trailer for Bewitched, it’s NOT a remake, thank the stars, it’s more a movie *about* a remake and accidentally casting a real witch… It still looks funny though.

I’m in serious need of an ass-kicker. Something, anything, to get myself in gear when I get home. My spring cleaning is LONG overdue, as is some purging of old junk out of boxes. I’m a pack rat, no regrets, but I could use a few less *things* around the house. I’m also really trying hard to find a reason not to pay someone to do my laundry. I hate doing it.. just hate it. Hate hate hate it! That’s not really true, I have no problem sorting and taking it downstairs and coming back upstairs and setting the timer and moving it to the dryer and coming back up… etc. It’s when it comes back upstairs and I have to sort/fold it comes the part I hate.

Laundry is the least of my worries though. I can keep the kitchen and bathroom sparkly clean, just the rest of the place overwhelms me til it’s easier to sit on my butt and play video games til bedtime. *ugh*

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