weekend to remember

So much for trying to post every day. But alas it was a good (overall) weekend, high points and low points here and there though.

Friday after work was peaceful. I was supposed to get together with this guy to do something, but he called and wasn’t feeling well so I said we could postpone to Saturday. I ordered a pizza (Papa John’s BBQ Chicken, not so good, sauce was too sweet) and watched the tube til bedtime.

Saturday I was up and about to hit the farmer’s market and walk around a bit taking some photos, it was a gorgeous day outside. I should have put on my iPod and taken a longer walk but I was trying to respect this guy saying he’d give me a call sometime in the am/early afternoon and didn’t make any major plans. I talked to people via IM, checked in on Jenifer who was recovering very well and we lamented on how, generally, people suck. You get some good ones, and some very good ones every now and then, but for the most part — they suck.

Saturday evening I got a call from Michael who was in town with some friends for a birthday dinner at Annie’s (he reports that once again, the food was not-so-great) and we met up later for drinks in Dupont. It was Black Gay Pride weekend in DC and the place was pretty packed. The bar-bars (no dancefloors) in Dupont work well as springboards before you start the night’s REAL plans. We had a good time, a few drinks (a few too many in my case) and I staggered into a cab back home and immediately collapsed.

Sunday morning after maybe 4 or 5 hours of sleep, I still overslept for Doug and Tod’s LotR all-day movie marathon, but managed to make it out of the house, with pillows in tow and up to Twinbrook station, way-the-hell-out-there in Rockville. It was a blast though, pancakes for breakfast, they have the cutest little house though I imagine there may be a bit of stepping over one another, their pets are adorable. I met two new people, Jhim and Chuck (a non-blogger, do they exist?!) and saw Greg, Will and George (who was nice enough to ferry Will and me home). So we started at 10.. didn’t finish til 11 I think. With breaks for food in between. It was cool to watch the extended editions with people that can actually speak Tolkien.

I also got a very disturbing call from Michael and I haven’t had a chance to call him back yet but will correct that this morning. I just hope he’s doing ok.

Monday was hanging out with Jenifer, the S2/X2 bus combo got me within spitting distance of her place and was a very easy commute, way to go WMATA (this time). We made brownies, watched Law & Order, I gave her a dvd of the first few new Whos (that her powerbook could view, but the PS2 choked on) and then we drove over to Lori and Barbara’s for a Memorial Day cookout. I am totally jealous of their house and only briefly considered locking them in the crawlspace to take over the lease, good thing I like them. 🙂 I haven’t had steaks from the grill in a long while and these were marvelous and the sangria was first-rate (and her first time making it), then it was back to Jenifer’s place to hang a while longer and play PS2. A cab ferried me home around 9:30 or so, which was a trying experience in itself. It makes me think I should just start a taxicab diary, since I have very good as well as very bad experiences with them from time to time, yet the fares keep rising.

Aside from dealing with yet another instance of “I’ll call you” that never comes through, the weekend was fun and busy and non-stop and I didn’t get enough sleep and probably ate and drank too much, but I guess that’s what a long weekend is all about!

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