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Man Charged With Stealing Wi-Fi Signal

This story caught my attention because it’s one of the first criminal cases of this type, and because when we’re at the beach, we’ll likely be sniffing around with our laptops for a signal just to stay jacked in. But I certainly don’t want to be arrested for checking e-mail and livejournal.

Otherwise, I’m filled with sorrow and anger over the bombings in London. All I heard was Blair’s response this morning on NPR, so I don’t know what Bush has said yet, but I’m sure he’s gotten his face out there for his sympathy-and-say-so.

Our terror alert’s gone up a level. The DC area is stepping up security. Even before hearing any of that, I was hesitant about taking the train into work this morning. The morning after 9/11 I drove in, then had to pull over after seeing the still smoking wall of The Pentagon.

I take great comfort and solace from thinking about my week away at the beach but today I’m just tempered with a little more global awareness. But we as a people, no matter where we are, will recover and life will go on.

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