The Bethany Diaries

This entry has sat for nearly two years without being published as I intended to flesh out the details in brackets, but as it’s sat so long, I’m just posting it. I remember things, but I just don’t feel like writing them all out!

Saturday: Up on time, Jenifer had a flat tire so was late coming to get me, and we ran into heavy traffic but I invoked the right of zen and we braved through it. Not a terribly scenic ride down to the beach, but it didn’t take nearly as long as it could have. I did like going over the Bay Bridge though at the end it looks like they kinda ran out of materials and started to cobble it together out of whatever was available.

When we got here there was a bit of a kerfuffle with getting parking passes and guest recreation passes, but we met up with Barbara and Lori and spent some time on the beach, got some dinner in town, strolled through the main street and chilled a bit.

[to the grocery store, flying daggers]

Since it was Saturday, Jenifer and I headed into Rehoboth for a drink and some gay exposure (our resort is the whitest, straightest place I’ve seen in a long while). It was fun, but the most amusing were the two drunk boys that wanted to take me home with them before we even got out of the car.

Sunday: We did the beach yet again, it’s just what you do when you’re here. The beach is great for me to watch and maybe sit under an umbrella and read for a while, and even catch some sun for a little bit of color (too much time out there and I feel sick), but beyond that, it’s like one big wave pool that smells a little funny. Fortunately I got some time in the water, then headed back out to read for a while.

Jenifer and Lori coaxed Barbara and me into the water and we relented, but I saw 1, then 2, then 3 & 4 jellyfish in the water and quickly headed back to shore. So we opted for the pool instead. I enjoy pools a bit more than “the beach” since the water’s sometimes warmer and you don’t touch bottom only to have your footing sucked away by the tide.

[Beach, pool, layabout, stuffed chicken for dinner, cribbage, couple catfight, Coupling, Hero]

Monday: [Beach, jellyfish, Calzone, Wifi, layabout, reading, Thief of Time, Lori & Barbara left, Jenifer and I chilled, late night walk on the beach]

Tuesday: [Beach, more jellyfish, pool, Shopping, drinking (2 banana, 2C oj, vodka, 12cubes ice), Baldur’s Gate, Rehoboth for dinner, walking, drinking, flirting & some more shopping, Baldur’s Gate til 2am]

Wednesday: [Slept in the pull out bed, much more comfortable, headed out for breakfast. Weather not so wonderful, will probably improve by the time we’re ready to head home :(, in most all day playing Baldur’s Gate, out for great italian and peach martinis for dinner, more BG before bed]


Friday: [Cape May Ferry, good pizza, skee ball, little shops, harry potter jokes, HOT blonde barefoot boy, some good pictures, Reho that night, Frogg Pond some nice people, ass abuse]

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