That gives ME gas…

Taxi Commission Approves $1.50 Gas Surcharge

The D.C. Taxicab Commission has approved a $1.50 surcharge to offset the rising cost of gasoline for cab drivers.

Only recently has walking become a preferred means of transportation for me, and I guess after this news it’s a good thing. I usually have enough trouble getting a cab to stop for me with regularity anyway, so I have to pad nearly as much time for going by cab as I might by bus. My feet aren’t exactly happy with me after the dancing ’til 3 this weekend, but they were up to Adams Morgan day and walking to and from Moose’s place and to dinner, though they were about ready to give out after that. I love the new shoes, but they aren’t much on the support. It’s time for Moose (or anyone else equally qualified) to take me to Fleet Feet to get fitted for some proper walking/running shoes and something for riding the bike.

Still, horrible as it makes me feel, anytime that service charges and surcharges go up, my tips go down for a while. And with the calmer weather coming up for a few months at least, I’ll be hoofing it a lot more.

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