Mmmm, presents

Jhim's gift of a beautiful goddess candelabraThis is mostly a thank you post for the gifts I got, normally I’m not good at accepting gifts, because they usually come from my family, who never knows what I want, but will tear me a new one if I look the slightest bit ungracious about it. I have many items of clothing I’ve never worn, shirts that don’t fit unless I plan to pack on another 100 pounds, loads of hats and lots of swag that my dad figured I wouldn’t notice if he wrapped in the comics section and gave to me.

Still, this year, my friends hit the mark over and over again, which was odd since I’m usually not very up front about what I want. I do have a wish list on amazon, but it’s mostly just things I want to get myself.

The pictures are here, with acknowledgements, thanks thanks and thanks again everyone! 🙂

*edit: D’oh.. not pictured, the gift card Moose bought me from Hecht’s… because I’m a doofus. Thanks Moose!

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  1. Chris says:

    I look forward to your post which will tell us all (without buying the book) why men have nipples.

    My presumption is so that their boyfriends have something to hand onto at various times during a hot night in.

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