I behaved

Last night I was ever so good, I got home and turned on the computer only to bring up Trillian and continue conversations I’d left off at the office. No City of Heroes, No Doctor Who, No Tivo from the PC. I did order a pizza and wings, popped open the bottle of Retsina and got to work.

I tossed out 3 bags full of trash and knick-knacks, went from room to room with a notepad scribbling things I need to pick up (light bulbs, blank cds, trash bags, etc) and I tried on the mountain of old jeans, some still fit.. some I’d clearly never even tried to wear (but fit), some were too short (but fit) and will be called “sandal and barefoot” jeans, and some DIDN’T FIT (*sob*), but those are still good brand jeans and ebay calls. I signed up for FlyLady and the list is interesting, but I have to read up a bit to learn the lingo of the site, and I can’t figure out if its aimed at strictly housewives or also for people with actual lives outside the home.

I did pause when pizza arrived and watched Charmed and a little bit of Law & Order, then got back movin’ and shakin. Dishes were done twice (shined my sink!), old wine bottles were washed out and set by the door for recycling. I need to get pics of the labels to remember what I enjoyed and what tasted like ass, I’m no good at removing labels from bottles to save them in a journal. Though it will stretch my brain a bit to recall which wine tasted like what, though I definitely remember the syrah and the sangiovese being like heaven. Broke down a few cardboard boxes though I’m not entirely sure what to do with them as I’m not sure we recycle those in our building and I’ve got boxes a plenty, I’ve no need to save anymore.

I would so love to hit a happy hour, last week at Andale was great fun. I don’t agree with them having the best margaritas in DC, but at half price and tasting freshly made, not created from a mix, I won’t complain at all. I think we all had about 3 drinks, chicken taquitos and the salsa sampler for $15 a person, it was well worth it. So who’s up for defying the gloomy weather by getting hammered this week? 🙂

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  1. Jenifer says:

    If it’s after 7:30 on Friday, I’m up for happy hour. When do their specials end?

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