Keep the Change!

Bank of America | Keep the Change

Every time you buy something with a Bank of America Visa debit card, we’ll round up your purchase to the nearest dollar amount and transfer the difference from your checking to your savings account free of charge. Because every bag of groceries, every coffee and every tank of gas adds up to more savings for you.

I just got word of this today from B of A. Has anyone else heard about/signed up for this yet? It looks interesting, I do an auto savings transfer every month to ING, but I am always looking for more ways to save money. I guess part of this seems a little silly, I can’t imagine people in Delaware with no sales tax and the ever popular $X.99 prices are all excited about this. In chatting with Jenifer, she was strongly in favor of signing up, and that 3 month matching is kinda a cool idea, however with the amount of money the bank makes on debit card transactions… they’re still coming out the winner, naturally.

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